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Our VPS Hosting is built from the ground up with a stronger foundation, House of VPS offers a purpose-built, solid and reliable VPS environment ready to tackle any workload.

  • Built for The Web: Apps, Dev, Surf
  • Reliable and Cost Effective
  • Residential, Private & Geolocated
  • Infrastructure, Network owned by HouseofVPS
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VPS Hosting Services for Anyone

Our VPS Hosting Plans

Our large selection of VPS hosting Plans can be customized to fit your needs at the lowest possible cost. For any workload such as web, databases, application , HouseofVPS brings you tbe Best.

Starting @ $40

Residential ISP VPS

Our Residential IPS VPS hosting is focused on provisioning your virtual server on a Residential ISP network. Avoid unnecessary blocks or bans and benefit from an elite trusted premium network put in place by world class providers such as ATT, Lumen and Windstream.

Residential ISP VPS
Starting @ $9.99

Forex VPS

HouseOfVPS understands the value of low latency hosting when it comes to hosting your trading application. Our Forex VPS will be hosted in close proximity to the Markets for better speed and productivity. Our platform is optimized for most trading Apps.

Forex VPS
Starting @ $5.99

Linux VPS

Our Linux VPS Plans cover most Linux distributions with the option to bring in your own customized OS for deployment. Our Linux VPS environment is optimized to handle most webhosting needs while creating a high level of Privacy and Security.

Linux VPS
Starting @ $5.99

Windows VPS

Authentic Microsoft Windows VPS fully loaded with RDP (Remote Desktop) access from any location, any time. This is the best solution for hosting native and comprehensive application for your day-to-day activities & vital Business Operations.

Windows VPS
Starting @ $5.99

cPanel VPS

Grab your CPanel VPS pre-loaded with everything you need to manage your environment. With an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard, your VPS will provide a full picture on hosted apps, users and web analytics.

cPanel VPS
Starting @ $5.99

Gaming VPS

Our Gaming VPS is the best alternative to using your local computer. With our Cloud-based VPS for Gaming, you benefit from a reliable and consistent connectivity with near-live gaming experience. By default, all of our Gaming VPS come with 40gbps DDOS protection.

Gaming VPS
Starting @ $5.99


USA VPS hosting at the lowest possible cost. For clients looking to have a local US-based VPS hosted in a US city, HouseofVPS provides a native geolocated virtual instance for all of your needs. Surf or Host using both Linux or Windows.

Starting @ $5.99

Wordpress VPS

Wordpress VPS optimized for all of your web development needs. Launch your website or software on our Wordpress VPS and gain instant access to the latest and most stable modules designed for easy adoption and personalized customization.

Wordpress VPS
Why HosueofVPS

Perform Better, Increase Productivity, Save Time

Gain a competitive advantage over your peers. Conduct Business with confidence know you compute at a higher level securely away from disruption. Our all-inclusive VPS hosting is ranked the Highest among its competition because :

  • HouseofVPS uses name-brand Enterprise hardware
  • Offers a SLA-backed 100% Uptime
  • Flexible and Fully customizable
  • VPS Hosting Solution that increases Productivity
  • True Business VPS for the working Class
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High Performance VPS Hosting

High Performance VPS Hosting

Benefit from dedicated server resources, ensuring lightning-fast website loading times and optimal performance even during traffic spikes.
Customizable Scalability

Customizable Scalability

Tailor your hosting resources to match your website's evolving needs. Scale up or down effortlessly to accommodate changes in traffic and demands.
Full Infrastructure Ownership

Full Infrastructure Ownership

Enjoy enhanced security protocols with isolated server environments, firewalls, and regular security updates, safeguarding your data and protecting against potential threats.
Full Root Access

Full Root Access

Take full control of your virtual server environment with root access, allowing you to install and configure applications, customize settings, and manage your server as per your specific requirements.
Seamless Operating System Choices

Seamless Operating System Choices

Select your preferred operating system, whether it's Linux or Windows, giving you flexibility and compatibility with the software and applications you want to run on your virtual private server.
24/7 Expert Support

24/7 Expert Support

Access round-the-clock customer support from hosting experts who can assist with technical issues, troubleshooting, and guidance, ensuring your VPS hosting experience is smooth and worry-free.

Multiple Configuration, Multiple Use-Cases, Multiple VPS Locations 

Here at HouseofVPS, we want our customers to feel at Home. We offer a wide variety of VPS Hosting configurations aimed at tackling the most demanding workload for any use case. Our customers enjoy a VPS hosting platform that gives them the Freedom to pick and choose as they see fit.

  • Customize All Resources : OS, HD, RAM
  • Choose your VPS hosting Location
  • Scale on Demand - No Contract Needed
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VPS Hosting for the Web

Ensure lightning-fast website loading times and optimal performance with our fully optimized VPS hosting. Our Solution is versatile in providing a reliable solution for any web-related hosting.

VPS hosting at High Speed

With a network of 10 Gbps setup in a cluster, your VPS outperforms the rest. Quickly reach your audience or customer-base at moment-notice with our intelligent routing backed by World Class Providers.

Geo-diversed VPS Hosting

Our strategically located VPS locations around the US and Europe has allowed end-users to minimize delivery time while remaining cost-effective and productive. True unrivaled edge computing capabilities that makes a difference.

VPS Hosting with Full Root Access

Gain unrestricted root level full control of your virtual server environment, allowing you permission to install and configure applications, customize settings, and manage your private server as you see fit.
FAQ about VPS Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions ? Well, we have answers.

What is VPS hosting and do I need it?

A virtual private server (VPS) is used for hosting personal or business websites (e-commerce, content, visual media) and software applications (portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, CRM). far from shared hosting, content is setup in isolation onto a virtual machine which is dedicated to the user. A VPS is a perfect  mid-compromise between Shared hosting plans and baremetal dedicated  servers. It  combines the reliability and  high performance found in dedicated servers with ease in manageability. HosueofVPS deploys its VPS environment on trusted and secure hypervisors such as Vmware and Proxmox 


Why Should I Choose HouseofVPS for my VPS hosting needs?

In order to be successful,  your VPS hosting provider needs to have experience, flexibility and an overall network reliability for a dependable business operations. HouseofVPS has been in the hosting industry for well over 20 Years. Unlike the competition, we have full ownership of our infrastructure to include Hardware/servers, the network and IP space. This allows HouseofVPS to be flexible, effective and budget-minded when interacting with clients. VPS Hosting that offers a large selection of choices with the freedom to choose, make changes anytime as needed without a contract obligation is what HouseofVPS stands for. Many of our customers have come to love the selection offered from Linux VPS, Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, ForexVPS 


What's the Best VPS Hosting plan for my Business needs?

Choosing the Best VPS Hosting Plan has everything to do with the use-case or workload at hand. It has nothing to do with its associated cost nor the resources allocated. The Best VPS hosting plan for your Business is one that solves issues related to reliability, effectiveness, agility and stability in any given circumstance. What made you  opt for a  VPS should always be the most important reason for consuming such a service.

VPS hosting is best at reducing cost, adding flexibility at scale while focusing on data privacy.  As such, HouseofVPS works closely with its client base or prospects to ensure the right VPS configuration is deployed.

Some of the top best VPS hosting plan for any business have been matched with the following use cases:

  1. Website Hosting:
    • Small to Medium Business Websites: VPS hosting is ideal for hosting business websites that require more resources than shared hosting can provide.
    • E-commerce Websites: VPS hosting ensures better performance and security for online stores with moderate to high traffic.
  2. Development and Testing:
    • Software Development: Developers can use VPS to host and test applications before deploying them to a production environment.
    • Staging Environments: VPS can be employed to create staging environments for testing website updates or changes.
  3. Reseller Hosting:
    • Web Hosting Resellers: Individuals or businesses can use VPS to host multiple websites and offer hosting services to clients as resellers.
  4. Game Servers:
    • Gaming Communities: VPS hosting is suitable for hosting game servers, providing low-latency connections for multiplayer games.
  5. File Storage and Backup:
    • Secure File Storage: VPS can be used to store and manage files securely, acting as a private cloud storage solution.
    • Backup Servers: VPS can serve as a dedicated backup server for websites, databases, and other critical data.
  6. Media Streaming:
    • Audio/Video Streaming: VPS can host media content for streaming, such as podcasts, videos, or live broadcasts.
  7. VPN Servers:
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): VPS can be configured as a private VPN server for secure and anonymous internet browsing.
  8. Application Hosting:
    • Custom Applications: Businesses with specific software requirements can host their applications on a VPS for better control and customization.
    • Content Management Systems (CMS): Hosting CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal on a VPS allows for better performance and security.
  9. Data Analysis and Processing:
    • Data Science Projects: VPS can be used to run data analysis, machine learning models, or other resource-intensive computing tasks.
  10. Mail Servers:
    • Private Email Hosting: Individuals or businesses can set up their email servers on a VPS for enhanced privacy and control.
  11. Databases:
    • Database Hosting: VPS can host databases for applications that require a dedicated and reliable database server.
  12. DNS Hosting:
    • Domain Name System (DNS): VPS can be configured as a dedicated DNS server for improved domain resolution.
  13. Monitoring and Analytics:
    • Server Monitoring Tools: VPS can host monitoring and analytics tools to keep track of website performance, user behavior, and security.
  14. Collaboration Tools:
    • Team Collaboration Platforms: VPS can host collaboration tools like wikis, project management software, or communication platforms.
  15. Educational Platforms:
    • Online Courses and Learning Management Systems (LMS): VPS hosting supports educational platforms for delivering courses and managing learning materials.

VPS hosting provides a versatile solution, allowing users to tailor their hosting environment to meet specific requirements, whether for personal, business, or development purposes.


How long does it take to provision your VPS Hosting Package?

As we continue to fight bad players, the idea of instant setup may not be available for All orders. For a new client to become trusted, we first need to verify their identity and method of payment. VPS Hosting attracts many bad players due to the low cost and the need for quick access so they can start their illicit activities. As such, our VPS Hosting requires time 2-5 hrs to get your server setup for the first time. As you build credibility, we can have your server live within 5-10 minutes.