FullY Dedicated Server with residential ISP

Residential ISP Dedicated Server

  • Residential ISP Dedicated Servers available on AT&T, Windstream, LUMEN network. Launch your ISP server with Linux or Windows OS. Connected at 10Gbps
  • Surf the web with a peace of mind and assurance to gain access to your online interest without being censored or restricted with your ISP Dedicated Server.
VPS Hosting by HouseofVPS with Residential VPS hosting

Residential ISP Dedicated Servcer Plans

Powered by: AT&T, Windstream, Lumen, Verizon

Premium ISP Dedicated Plan


  • Residential ISP dedicated server
  • Choose Linux or Windows Operating System
  • 4-10 CORES
  • 240 GB Pure SSD Drive
  • 24 GB RAM
  • ~50 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Bring your Own IP Gratuit
  • Full Root Access
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Choose Chicago or Ashburn
  • 10 Gbps Dedicated Network Illimitées
  • Client portal access 24/7
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Dedicated Residential ISP Pro Plan


  • Residential ISP dedicated pro Plan
  • 16-20 CORES
  • 240 GB Pure SSD
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 50 tb Monthly Bandwith
  • Bring Your Own IP
  • Full Root or Admin rights
  • Month to month
  • Chicago , Ashburn , VA
  • 10 Gbps Dedicated Network
  • 24/7 Support Access
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Residential ISP dedicated Enterprise Plan


  • Residential ISP VPS Enterprise
  • 24-28 Cores
  • 500 GB pure SSD
  • ~ 64 GB RAM
  • 50 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Bring Your Own IP
  • Full Root or Admin rights
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Chicago, Ashburn
  • 10 Gbps Dedicated Connection
  • 24/7 Support Availability
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How to get Started with your Residential ISP Dedicated Server?

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Order Your Server

Make a server selection and configure it with all the needed resources . Choose the ISP of choice, Server location and the associated network Bandwidth

Step 2 : Send us your LOA

Provide us with your LOA (letter of Authorization) issued by your IP Provider. This is an important document needed by the ISP in order to get your subnet announced.

Step 3: Server Delivery

Once your IPs are announced, we will then access our core router corresponding to the specific provider and route the IPs to your server. The entire process takes about 1-3 business days

Higher Standard Dedicated ISP Server

  • Direct Physical Network Connection
  • Powered by World class Residential ISPs
  • Fully owned Infrastructure
  • Built on the Latest Technology
  • Unmetered Network Bandwidth Available
  • Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)
ATT Residential ISP Server

ATT Residential ISP Server

AT&T is the #1 Telecommunication company in the World. HouseofVPS is a direct channel partner with ATT with ability to help other Businesses with their technology needs. We are happy to have such a strong partner with unmatched network capacity & peering capabilities.
Windstream Dedicated ISP Server

Windstream Dedicated ISP Server

Windstream's fiber network is designed to deliver high-speed internet services. Fiber-optic technology allows for faster and more reliable internet connections compared to traditional copper-based networks. Host your Residential ISP VPS on Windstream network and experience stability and low latency.
Lumen Residential ISP Server

Lumen Residential ISP Server

Lumen offers high-speed internet services over its fiber-optic network. Fiber-optic technology allows for faster and more reliable internet connections compared to traditional copper-based networks. HouseofVPS has partnered with Lumen to deliver high quality Residential ISP VPS services .
Verizon Residential ISP Server

Verizon Residential ISP Server

Verizon provides a range of business solutions, including fiber-optic internet, for enterprises of various sizes. Business customers may benefit from dedicated and scalable bandwidth, as well as additional services like business phone lines and managed security solutions.
Who needs RESIDENTIAL ISP dedicated Server?

Residential ISP Servers Use Cases

HouseofVPS brings you the real deal. Traditionally, datacenter traffic gets bad reputation since it’s the easiest way to anonymously commit crimes on the internet. When using residential IPS or IP Dedicated Server , traffic is already presumed to be coming from a trusted source. As result, there’s a higher chance of getting to your targeted destination with little to no verification. Our purpose-built residential ISP Dedicated server  is the best solution to unlock free web usability for any intended purpose.

Marketing needs Dedicated ISP Server

Marketing experts are tasked with making sure their clients have a presence in specific geographic areas. Instead of using a VPN software that may drain your server resources, the best solution is to use a residential ISP Dedicated Server with a residential IP address. Datacenter IPs are traditionally flagged and easily blocked.

Data Gathering needs Dedicated ISP Servers

Data gathering is crucial for Business Intelligence. Dedicated servers, especially those using residential IPs, can be used for web scraping and data collection tasks. They can mimic human behavior better than data center IPs, which might get blocked more easily by websites.

Restrictions Overcome with Residential ISP

Some online services or content are restricted based on geographic location. A residential ISP Dedicated Server could be used to bypass these restrictions by accessing the internet through a residential IP address in a different region.

Gaming needs Residential ISP Dedicated Server

Gaming or gambling sites are now screening players for true identity and location. Players that do not have residential ISP dedicated server connection tend to be seen as potential threat to the community as they are traditionally known to launch DDOS attacks and hacks on legit players

Residential ISP Dedicated server For Verification

In order to do Business with other Businesses, your may be required to verify residency. Instead of using a VPN that might be easily detected, a residential IP dedicated server truly provides an easy way to verify presence. Due to restrictions put in place by various agencies (security, operations), your server becomes an asset to confirm true identity.

Residential ISP Server for Trading

In order to successfully reach the market at a low latency, trading requires low latency and consistency. With our residential IP dedicated server, traders are able to quickly access result in local time and speed.

Compare Residential ISP Dedicated Servers

Our residential ISP Dedicated Servers plans are the real deal. Our servers are connected directly to top ISP networks on a physical layer from the backbone to the first hop at HoiseofVPS. With full ownership of our infrastructure and IP spacer, we bring you more value than the average provider. See how our plans compare.

Network Sourced from the ISPs
SSD Storage
High Bandwidth availability
No proxy or virtual connectivity
Come with Free IPs
Built on Enterprise Grade Hardware
TOP Tier Network Providers
No Setup Fees
KVM Technology
Month to month
Flexibility ro choose OS
true Residential ISP
US based and geolocated
Gestionnaire d'Accès
Fully dedicated and Private
Chicago, Ashburn Residential Server
Full Root Access for Management
Free Ticket System for Billing snd lIVe chat
No hIDDEN Fees
Ease of Scalability
High velocity SSD Drives
Dedicated Pro Plan $400.00 /month
Premium Pan $500.00 /month
50 GB
Enterprise Plan $650 /month
80 GB
~ 100 000 Visites
Customize and go Live

Flexible ISP Servers Plans

HouseofVPS is dedicated to your Online success. Your Residential ISP Dedicated Server  should be built according yo your budget, your workload and resources needed. Disconnect from term-based  preset configurations and regain your freedom to choose,

  • Choose your ISP Server resourvces : VCPU, RAM, STORAGE
  • Choose your Operating System: Multiple Linux Distro or Windows
  • Choose the Network you will be using for your Dedicated Server
  • Choose the Best location for your ISP Dedicated Server
Our VPS Technology Explained

Microsoft Windows

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is enabled by default on our Windows Residential ISP Server. By logging in remotely, users can experience the same internet access rights as if they were located in the same city where it's hosted. Bypass limitations with your localized ISP Dedicated Server


Ubuntu's repositories offer a variety of proxy server software options. Popular choices include Squid, HAProxy, and Nginx, each with its own strengths and use cases. Deploy your Residential ISP Server using Ubuntu and unlock a world of free apps and security features


Debian is renowned for its stability. Setting up your Residential ISP Dedicated Server on Debian ensures your services will continue to benefit from a consistent uptime. Debian's extensive repositories contain thousands of software packages, covering a wide range of applications, libraries, and development tools.


Houseofvps offers a large selection of Residential ISP Dedicated Server built on CentOS. it's optimized for performance, making it suitable for server workloads. The distribution is designed to offer efficient resource utilization and performance in a server environment.
Other Residential ISP Server Options

Looking for something more Custom?



Residential ISP Ashburn

Ashburn, va Residential Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Ashburn is a crucial hub for internet connectivity on the East Coast of the United States. The region hosts a significant number of data centers, network providers, and internet exchange points, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity to various parts of the country and beyond. This is the best location for your Residential ISP Server. Choose LUMEN, ATT, Windstream 

  • Robust Internet Connectivity
  • Climate and Disaster Resistance
  • Closer proximity to most Web assets
Residential ISP Chicago

Chicago, IL Residential VPS Hosting Services

Chicago has a well-developed and extensive network infrastructure. It serves as a major internet exchange point (IXP), where multiple networks connect to exchange traffic. This results in high-speed and low-latency connections, making it an ideal location for hosting services that require reliable and fast data transfer.

  • Financial Hub
  • Low latency to any World location
  • Climate Resilience
We Got Answers

FAQ about Residential ISP & Answers

ResidentiaI isp Hosting Explained

What is a residential ISP VPS?

In oder to explain what a residential ISP VPS is, you have to first understand what a Residential ISP is. A residential ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a telecommunication company  that provides internet access to individual households or residential customers. Keyword “Residential”. These ISPs differ from a Datacenter ISP whose primary focus is to bring high capacity network feed to datacenters usually via fiber to a technology room within the facility,

A Residential ISP can also be known as a Datacenter ISP if they have such footprint or presence such as Lumen, ATT, Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile etc… The distinction is noticeable by IP information provided as they are oftently labeled as residential, traceable by street, zip code and a home address.

A residential ISP VPS is therefore a Virtual private Server connected to a residential network provider that also uses a residential IP to identify the device, the entity being connected.  While a Residential VPS might not be necessarily connected to a physical home, it has become one of the most trusted platform as it portrays a local trusted presence on the ground. In order to provide a residential ISP VPS, a provider has to prove they have a direct connection with the ISP via BGP or static route.

Residential ISP VPS are gaining more and more popularity because most web security protocols have a rather lax or non-existent blocks against traffic that originates from a residential ISP. This is the best solution you need as a business or individual to succeed in your online ventures and reduce chances at getting blacklisted or banned.


Why would anyone want to use a residentisl ISP VPS?

Using a residential Virtual Private Server (VPS) can have several advantages in certain situations. A residential VPS is a virtual server that is hosted on infrastructure connected to a residential internet service, typically on a user’s home network. Here are some reasons why someone might choose to use a residential VPS:

  1. IP Address Stability: Residential IPs are less likely to be flagged as suspicious or blocked by websites or online services compared to data center IPs. This can be advantageous for tasks like web scraping, SEO monitoring, or accessing geographically restricted content.
  2. Bypassing Restrictions: Some websites and services may block or limit access to users coming from data center IP addresses. A residential VPS can help bypass such restrictions and access content without being flagged as coming from a traditional hosting environment.
  3. Localized Testing: For developers or businesses that need to test applications, websites, or services from different geographic locations, a residential VPS with an IP address in a specific region can provide a more accurate representation of local user experiences.
  4. Anonymity and Privacy: Residential VPS services can provide an additional layer of anonymity as the IP address is associated with a residential location. This may be beneficial for users who prioritize privacy or want to avoid being easily identified online.
  5. Access to Residential Networks: Some applications or services may require access to residential networks for testing or development purposes. A residential VPS allows users to simulate and interact with a residential environment.

It’s important to note that while there are potential benefits, residential VPS services may also have limitations, including higher costs compared to traditional VPS providers, potentially slower speeds, and terms of service that need to be adhered to. Additionally, users should ensure that their activities comply with legal and ethical standards when using such services.


Why is a Residential ISP VPS better than a VPN?

A Residential ISP VPS creates depicts physical presence while assuming physical presence on the ground. It validates that the user is geographically present since they are using a verified ISP network within a specific location. A residential VPS provides an IP address associated with a residential location, potentially offering greater stability and a better reputation.

As browsers continue to be intelligent and  detection capability, a VPN is easily identified and flagged as such therefore cannot prove physical presence on the ground. VPNs typically use a pool of IP addresses that may be shared among multiple users. The reputation of these IPs can vary, and some websites may block or restrict traffic from commonly used VPN IP ranges,

A residential VPS with an IP in a specific region can help bypass such restrictions more effectively.While VPNs are great to use to mask user’s data, they unfortunately typically come from a datacenter network which exposes them to faster blocks and bans by default.




is there a difference between a residential IP VPS & a residential iISP VPS?

Identifying your VPS by IP alone does not make it residential. While your IP may be sourced by a residential ISP ‘, it doesn’t mean that your VPS is ResidentiaL.The difference is that your server bandwidth usage, physical or virtual network MUST show and reflect a lit connectivity to a Network Interface serviced by a residential ISP.


The difference is that a Residential IP VPS does not always have to be connected to a residential ISP. iIt’s an IP based VPS and not an ISP  connectivity- based entity. While some hosting provider might transport ISP IP traffic from point A  to a non ISP network at pont B , B will continue to be non-residential as it does not reflect local, physical connection to an ISP or ASN.

A True residential ISP VPS provider should be able to prove direct connectivity to its backbone provider. We encourage our customers ro question their provider before they make a buying decision.


Do you allow IP announcement on Residential ISP VPS?

Unless in testing phase, HouseofVPS does not allow IP announcements using any VPS plan. This is mainly due to the fact that the minimum number of IPs allowed for announcement is a /24 .  Forcing such high number of IPs on a non-dedicated interface is simply a recipe for disaster.